We are committed to:

Leadership, Empowering Communities, Innovation, Environment and Safety.

We facilitate projects that generate economic opportunities for local residents and support biodiversity.

Our Vision

To promote technological and human capacity development in marginalized communities regardless of race, religion, and ideology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train 100000 youths in the areas of life skills, education technology, fundraising and volunteering by the year 2040.

Soft skills Training

We are interested in contributing to soft skills development in young professionals. In turns, the value systems in our community will increase which will serve as the key to reduce poverty in Africa. .

Vocational Training

We support individuals with vocational training, resources and skill sets that align with our mission statements.

Leadership Development

We support young individuals who are interested in becoming a leader or already leading a small group of people.  We focus our training on the professionalism, sustainability, educational, emotional and socioeconomic aspects of leadership.

Upcoming Events

CRDF Global and Absolute Cedars' STEM research collaboration programme in Nigeria will be up and running throughout 2023. 
Outdoor Exercise Day: 11 February 2023.
Biodiversity awareness Day: 22 May 2023
Finding ideas (F.I 4.0) annual meeting: 18 August 2023
Sponsored training on Drone Technology: September 2023.
Urgent request for:
Trainers, life coaches, investors, and social media experts. Interested person should please contact us on info@absolutecedars.org.ng