We are committed to:

Leadership, Empowering Communities, Innovation, Environment and Safety.

We facilitate projects that generate economic opportunities for local residents and support biodiversity.

Our Vision

To promote technological and human capacity development in marginalized communities regardless of race, religion, and ideology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to train 100000 youths in the areas of life skills, education technology, fundraising and volunteering by the year 2040.

Soft skills training

We organise online training and events that can improve peoples' soft skills, particlularly in the areas of communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Vocational Training

We assist different organisations to organise vocational trainings and team building events.

Leadership Development

We train people between ages 13 - 25 years. Our trainers have the potentials to become early founders and subsequently experienced founders in their chosen fields.

Outlined events in 2024

Outdoor Exercise Day: 16 February 2024.
Finding ideas (F.I 4.0): 30 August 2024
Capacity Training Programme: 1 September - 20 October 2024.